Digital Health Founders Series–Osmind

Cracking the Code of Treatment Resistant Mental Health Through Electronic Health Records

Osmind: EHR and Outcomes + Engagement Platform designed for treatment-resistant mental health practices

“Mental health and neuropsychiatry are at an inflection point right now where there is huge momentum behind new types of modalities and types of scientific understanding of the brain. We really think that there’s an opportunity here to capture all that information and enable the best clinical care and research possible.”

Q: In terms of the worldwide mental health crisis, even before the pandemic, can you talk about the problem you’re tackling and what makes Osmind different?

Beyond that, we see our presence not just in the clinics, but also alongside pharmaceutical companies, health systems, and insurance as well. Because we are the center for care delivery and we’re aggregating information, we could also help with insurance barriers, support Pharma in developing better therapeutics, or even expand labels for existing therapeutics. We think that there’s been a convergence between care delivery and research — having the software and analytics pieces can help us tackle all sides of it.

Q: As the company is thinking of care delivery from a holistic perspective, in terms of devices, remote patient monitoring, and even interoperability with large systems, how do you think about overall workflow and some of the associated challenges with technology implementation?

“The key for me is finding out what the purpose of building something is and then tackling the unmet need in a different way than anyone else. Throughout the few organizations I’ve been a part of, that’s really been the key thing I’ve tried to focus on.”

Lucia Huang: A big thing that we’re both learning is ruthless prioritization, because as founders, there is unlimited work to do. I’ve realized that the majority of the impact that we’re going to make is going to be from a small subset of all the things that we can do. Being ruthless about how we spend time and focus our efforts is a lesson that we’re still learning.

A big thing that we’re both learning is ruthless prioritization, because as founders, there is unlimited work to do.

Q: What has been the biggest learning curve as Founders?

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